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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009



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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009

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Online, anytime between 9am-9pm. Sunday 9th April 2017.


For Exam instructions, policies and deferral see

4 weeks after each AlMaghrib course there's an online Exam!


Fear not! The purpose of the exam is to help you strengthen your understanding of the subject matter. The exam is multiple choice and can be sat for a period of 2 hours anytime between 9am and 9pm. Easy.


The exam date for the 'Fitnah' exam is Sunday 9 April 2017 insha'Allah.


For exam deferrals see


A student has kindly compiled these class notes for all to benefit in preparing for their exam insha'Allah. May Allah reward and place barakah in the knowledge of the one who composed the notes, and Sh Waleed for teaching the knowledge. Aameen


Please note these have not been checked or verified by Shaykh Waleed or AlMaghrib Institute.

There are no current exams outstanding for Qabeelat Mass