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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009



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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009

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1. We ask you to make Dua

2. Donate foodstuffs and cooking utensils

3. Donate unwanted clothes

4. Help cook

5. Raise awareness and

6. Help financially

7. Sponsor us

We do. Our Islamic values extend to humanity, not just to Muslims. We also pack and distribute first aid and essential toiletries to the homeless on the streets of Bradford.

So, who funds us?

                                                                   The simple answer is...YOU do.

We raise funds through selling merchandise and books at AlMaghrib courses and from generous contributions from wellwishers like you.  Every helper is an unpaid volunteer...

Our Soup Kitchen has also been kindly sponsored by...

clothes DEPT

If you haven't worn something for the last 6 months, the chances are, you'll never wear it again! We collect unwanted clothes and sort them on shelves and racks for the homeless to browse for size, colour and style!

Who cares?


We run a regular soup kitchen  for the homeless in Bradford.

We provide delicious meals and hot drinks, donate to their foodbank and collect unwanted clothes for distribution to the homeless.

Helping the homeless since January 2010

Soup Kitchen

Our                               in Bradford

'How Can I

get involved?'