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AL-MAGHRIB - LOGO - PRINT MEDIUM - 2009-10-21 - V1 What is AlMaghrib Institute?

Free Tuition for Huffadh


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AlMaghrib Institute provides the ‘Honoring the Huffadh’ program which basically means you can apply to take a free class, once every year. The key here is that you have to apply for this scholarship, so this is not a guarantee!!


However, since it is a viable option for people who have memorized the Qur’an, We do recommend that you take advantage of it and at least submit the application for the Huffadh scholarship.


There are 2 key things to this process:


Application Process:


-Download the Honoring The Huffadh application form (See below).

-Complete the Student Information section about yourself

-Complete the Seminar Information section about the seminar you want free.

-Complete the Verification Information section about your hifdh and a signature from your teacher or Imam.-

Email the form, by scanning both pages, no later than 14 days before the seminar begins.


Deadline– In order for us to have enough time to submit all of the forms, the deadline to get everything to us is 2 weeks before the scheduled seminar date.


Also, please make sure to find someone with a credible title to fill out the scholarship application. AlMaghrib HQ asks that it be the Imam or the Administrationof the Huffadh program who can vouch that the student is indeed a Hafidh, so just make sure you find someone at your masjid who is part of the Admin, but the Imam, Teacher or Assistant Imam of the masjid would be ideal, inshaa’ Allah.

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