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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009



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Qabeelat Mass Copyright 2009

Qabeelat Mass raise funds through selling books and merchandise, and from generous donations from individuals, to support students under financial constraints.


'Echos of a Cave' is a single weekend course at a cost of £57. Course fees will reduce to £30 for successful applicants.


The online application will remain till Friday 14th July insha'Allah.


Jazak'Allah Khair,


Sister Razia

Head of Registration

                     Conditions and Requirements**

1. Must attend course in full

2. Must sit exam

3. Must be punctual

4. Only one application per household


Once a scholarship application is made the contract becomes binding. If granted, scholarships are non transferrable and non refundable.  


Please ensure you have enrolled for the course before applying for a scholarship.


I understand that funds are limited and an amanah (trust) and by accepting the scholarship I am potentially taking from someone else who may be in more need.

I testify to the best of my knowledge that

as Allah SWT as my Witness I truly need a scholarship to be able to attend.

* Required

If you are successful in your scholarship application, the option for paying the reduced fee will become available online.

We will no longer be taking cash payments on the day

Huffadh of the Quran?

You may be eligible for free entry.

Please email

Family Discount

3 or more family members???


No scholarships are provided for Ilmnights, however please contact if financial aid may be required